Your local, enthusiastic Bullitt dealers are a fountain of knowledge about all things bike, and can help you with all sorts of questions and queries, but here are a few common enquiries we get …

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How many children can I fit in this new-fangled contraption?

This very much depends on which accessories you use. Short answer: two! If the Canopy is used, they can sit side by side on the Foldable Seat and be secured with seatbelts. If, however, you have the Sidepanel Kit, things need to get a bit creative! One child can sit on the Foldable Seat facing forwards and the other can sit facing you up by the front wheel on a cushion secured with the spare seatbelt. This all kind of depends on how big they are though and the whole operation may require some inventive thinking!

Weight! How much can I carry?

180kg is the tested and certified weight limit. This includes the rider, so on average 100kg of extra stuff! In reality, though our frame is strong as hell, it has more to do with limitations on the wheels and how much weight the tyres are guaranteed to bear.

As a base weight, a Bullitt weighs on average 24kg, depending on build kit. The accessories add weight, for example the Honeycomb Board is 2kg, the Folding Seat 3.5kg and the Canopy is 8kg.

Internal vs. external gearing?

When assessing which groupset you need, it is important to factor in some important variables. Do you live and ride primarily in a flat or hilly environment? Maybe the school run includes a bugger of a little hill; think realistically about what gearing you need when it’s cold, wet, dark and you are hauling 40kg of extra bike, shopping and a child or two. This applies to braking requirements too; those living with steep descents will definitely need two disc brakes, as opposed to one disc brake and a back-pedal foot brake.

It is worth considering how much wear-and-tear the components are likely to receive. Wet, gritty and salty roads are absolutely no good for mechanical things. Unless you are happy to wash your bike every few days over winter, it might be worth going for one of our internal groupsets: Nexus 5, Alfine 8 or Alfine 11.


Finishing kit — for example handlebars, saddles seatposts — are spec’ed in accordance with the general user-base of each groupset, but if that doesn’t suit, then you can specify a different set up at the point of purchase.


What needs greasing on my Bullitt? Grease the seatpost, bottom bracket cups, rubber covered balljoint, and pedal axles. No lubricants or greases should ever touch the disc rotors or brake pads.

What about disc brake maintenance? Pads should be changed every 5000km on average. This is obviously dependent on where you primarily ride; if you descend a lot, pad life will be significantly shortened.

Change the cassette and chain every year simultaneously. Always change the cassette and chain together to ensure good compatibility.

Grips should be changed once a year on average.

Size options

The Easyup stem-lifter allows on-the-fly adjustments of up to 100mm to the handlebar and stem.

Stem/seatpost lengths can be specified upon ordering. We offer longer seatposts for riders over 1.80m and a longer stem of 90mm if you are feeling a little cramped on the bike.

The standard seatpost is 350mm and the long version 400mm.

Kickstand options

Your Bullitt comes as standard with an aluminium kickstand. It is strong! Good luck breaking it! If you do happen to make mischief with it though, perhaps get the steel version as a replacement. The target group for the steel kickstand is bicycle messengers who deploy the stand with heavy loads, multiple times a day, every day of the week. The weight penalty for adopting the steel kickstand is about 300g.


Our frame is made from heat-treated T6 7005 aluminium, a durable rust-proof material which has been built to handle tough Scandinavian winters. The fork is cromoly steel, chosen for its good strength to weight ratio. We then send them through a three stage powder coating process, with a coloured layer and then two clear coats to maintain a deep, shiny paintjob.

Of note to those who have bought Rå framesets. It is important to be aware that this is untreated and unpainted aluminium, hence the name, Rå! We recommend that you give it a coat of wax, lacquer it, or if you are up for some serious shine, polish it. With prolonged exposure to the elements and indeed sweat, the metal will tarnish and eventually start to corrode. This is not a warranty issue but simply one of the traits of aluminium, and if you have concerns due to climate perhaps choose one of the powder-coated/lacquered models.