Shimano STePS Explained
True Power

250W, 36-volt electric drive unit


Shimano eTube app for Bluetooth updates & diagnostics

Great Battery

80km average in normal mode, 80% recharge in just 2 hrs.

‘Automatic’ Gear Change Option

Let STePs decide when to change gear for you.

You Can Go Faster.

But only by either pedalling or gravity alone.
With a 416W-capacity lithium-ion battery, the Shimano STePS system produces a maximum torque of 50nm or 70nm on the 8000 series and weighs in at 3.2kg (2.88kg on the 8000 series), making it one of the lightest on the market

Mounted on the frame’s steerertube, balancing the weight, it takes the battery four hours for a total recharge, and only 2 hours to reach 80%.
Depending on temperature and topography, battery life in the Normal Mode selection is on average 80km (50mls).

Shimano Di2

This pairs the Bullitt’s shifting with the main battery for seamless integration through all aspects of the bike. Di2 updates and diagnostics can now be made wirelessly via Bluetooth with Shimano’s eTube app. With the shifter cable housed and sealed, the system is incredibly durable and user friendly and multi shifts can be made effortlessly time and time again. One of the toggle buttons on the shifter can also operate the bike’s front light.

As well as all the usual info you’d expect with a bike computer, including speed, trip distance, elapsed time and so on, the bar-mounted unit displays the current mode of the STePS system. But the computer is more than just a passive tracking device, it analyses the data you generate as you ride the bike and will use this to increase the accuracy of its projections for the estimated range left in the battery.

Switch From Manual to Automatic

With the Nexus 5 hub-gear set-up you can opt for a ‘manual’ version and change gear by pressing buttons, or choose the ‘automatic’ option and let STePS decide when to change gear for you. The automatic version uses a ‘Symptomatic shifting system’ that senses your cadence and power output and shifts gears to match them. You can fine-tune the system’s sensitivity so that the shifting occurs at specified cadences.

It will automatically shift down when you stop so that you’re in an appropriate gear when you set off again.
Incorporating the Shimano STePS system into the Bullitt platform has resulted in the fastest, lightest and smartest cargo bike currently available.
Using proven components, frame materials and utilising our decade’s worth of experience building cargo bikes, we have crafted a bike that is fun and simple to use.