To Be e Or Not?

Spot the difference?

Okay, so obviously one is a natural raw finish and the other is yellow.

And the battery is a bit of a give-away too.

But it’s not just the battery that’s different, take a close look and you will see they are fundamentally different frame designs.

So, whether you are looking for a non-electrified Bullitt or an eBullitt, retro-fitting STePS is not an option.

Of course, in theory, any bike can be modified with electric-assist —if you are not too choosey about looks and performance.

But, if you really want an eBullitt, it makes sense to start with that option.

Or maybe you could have both? The choice is yours.

Thee Bike

This one is a classic

Pure Human Power

The e Bike

This one's a monster

ePure human power