The BULLITT® Cargo Bike

How To Leave

The Car At Home

The Bullitt cargo bike is a game-changer.

Larry and Harry’s master plan was to build a bike that could replace much of the functionality of a car in the city, but would also be a desirable object. That was a tough challenge because, let’s face it, cars are brilliant.

The problem with cars, of course, is running costs, endless traffic jams and emissions.

Before Bullitt

Are we nearly there?

After Bullitt

Hurry up, we’re waiting.

Before Bullitt


After Bullitt

Room for one more.

Before Bullitt

Carp! Carp!

After Bullitt

Free parking.

Choice of Seatpost Length

350mm for heights of up to 185cm/6’1″ or 400mm for taller people.

Q/R Handlebars

Easy-Up Stemlifter offers 100mm/4″ height adjustment.

Sturdy Kickstand

Reinforced 2-legged aluminium kickstand.

Cargo Bay

Integral to the frame, compact and durable, fits through typical doors, handy in traffic.

Framelock Included

Abus Protectus 5000

Stem Length Options

Choice of 90mm or 60mm.

Quality Headset

FSA Orbit XLII Headset.

Tapered Front Headset

For a low profile.

Cromoly Steel Front Fork

Strong and lightweight.

D-Mount Braze-on

For all external geared models.

Replaceable Dropouts

Has mounts for mudguards & rear racks. Frame split for Gates Belt Drive compatability.

Q/R or Fixed.

Choose instant adjustment or a more secure seat post clamp.

Danish Design

Larry & Harry Love Bikes


When Larry Vs Harry released the Bullitt on an unsuspecting world in 2008 it was totally revolutionary and set new standards in the bike world.


The foundation of their working relationship and continuing innovation, was, and still is their uncompromising dedication to quality.


Larry vs Harry is still 100% owned and operated by dedicated and experienced developers, Lars Malmborg and Hans Bullitt Fogh.


Every day in countries across the globe Bullitts are being put through their paces, from the cobbles of Flanders to logistics’ monoliths like DHL in Germany.

Never Satisfied

Always challenging themselves!

Q&A with Harry

aka Hans Bullitt Fogh

When did you last ride a bike?
This morning, 10k to work, will be back on the bike in 45 mins going home.
What was your longest cycle ride?
270 kilometers (still regret doing it).
Have you always cycled?
Between 96 and 97 % of my life.
What has been the most important lesson cycling has taught you?
It set me free when I was a kid and it still does.
What would your superpower be as a cyclist?
You can change one thing. What would it be?
I would kick the automobile out of the city.
What makes you unhappy?
Automobile traffic.
How do you relax?
I cycle and I drink a beer after cycling.
Where do you stand on Ebikes?
Love them, make tons of money selling them
(one day I will be old enough to get one myself).

Bullitts Westward Ho! 5:49

by Andreas Hammershøj


A short celebratory ride before the official opening of ‘Barfoed Cykler’ in the small town of Humlum on the West Coast of Denmark.

Riding my Cargobike 1:21

by Rüdiger Pracht

Close Up 360° 0:50

by Macfil On Wheels

Bullitts in Copenhagen 1:10

by Matthew

New Larrys vs Harry video from Copenhagen on Vimeo – hot jazz!

What They’re Saying

We are always asked if we thought about building our own cargo bikes and yes, of course we did, but the Bullitt is such a fantastic piece of kit that it seemed silly to overlook something perfect just for the sake of it. Hence we bought two and have not looked back. Not once.

Gav BuxtonFrame Builder, Co-Owner August Cycles

Bullitt Cargo bikes are by far the fastest, toughest and best looking cargo bikes in the world. It's a cleverly designed, one size fits all cargo powerhouse, that comes in 9 radical colour finishes to tickle your taste buds... Don't worry there is a black or raw option too... We believe these bikes are here to revolutionize the way you see travel with cargo and we are proud to be the number one shop for custom built Bullitt Bikes in London!

Jamie & MarkCo-Owners, SBC Cycles

Which Bullitt best suits your needs?

Fun and freedom

Leave the traffic blues behind

and have some fun

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